Goals- April Update

Here's a review of our goals for 2012 with notes on our progress. How are you doing with your goals?

Monthly budget/financial progress meetings with J-bird -- January, February, March, April

Plan and realize another income stream

Invest set amount in J-bird's Roth IRA (by end of January)

Change auto deductions from J-bird's paycheck from his Roth IRA to mine

Medical savings = $4,000 max out of pocket - $1,000 flex spending account balance = $3,000

Emergency fund- hit set goal by May, it's 5 months of living at our current (with extras and savings) or 8 months of barebones living

Pay down balance on car loan

Fund kids' college savings-- $100 for each month of age for each kid by end of year Depositing a set amount each month to hit our annual goal

Emergency Preparedness Kit - assemble by March We already have a lot of supplies, need to review and complete. 

Fence Repair - we decided to repair the hole in the fence for now (by June), and will replace the fence next year.

Trim Trees - we don't really want to spend money on it but it's a necessary part of homeownership (by March) Done and I even had a coupon for our cheapest quote. Yes! $785 for two trees removed, a giant branch threatening our shed, and the bradford pear trimmed by an arborist.

Paint Entry, Shoe Storage (February to April) We've gotten a quote for painting the entry ($240 not including paint), up the stairs and the landing. We would do it ourselves if it didn't involve above the stairs. We don't have time for injuries. We don't have time for much of anything, with the kids as young as they are. 

Potty train Goose

Build a new computer (J-bird) Poor guy, he has it all planned out and he has shopped the heck out of it. I think the summer is the time to pull the trigger and let him go for it. I'm not as concerned about the cost as I am the time to do it. 

Move Baby Boy to his own room - he's practically ready now. Done! And I didn't even cry.

Scrapbook the kids' lives (really just use up what supplies I have so I have more space at my desk)

Work on improving blog Working on it, I've got some tabs (thanks hubs!) and I've spent some time thinking of new content... now to find the time to post. 

What are your goals for 2012? What do you hope to accomplish? We're making progress, but life with 2 kids often gets in the way of best laid plans. 

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