I'm not dead

just insanely busy.

Two babies. Well, one baby and one big girl, as I'm constantly reminded. A summer class about sports and higher education. Over the internet. Oy. And a house that, unfortunately, does not clean itself. And I think I have a husband around here somewhere...

Over the last few months, I've gone through trying to do everything and being in panic attack/anxiety mode constantly to practically giving up on everything to somewhere in the middle. I've piled enough mommy and wife guilt for the whole lot of us. All on my own, without the help of Pinterest.

I've been too busy living my life to blog. Not a bad problem to have.

And now I'm procrastinating instead of watching more random YouTube videos about 1960s college athletes that my professor dug up to "enrich the course" and reading dense articles about athletics (practically a foreign language) and higher education (another strange subject except for the fact that I've been a student FOR-EV-ER).

No real direction here, just wanted to let all 5 of you know that I'm not dead. Just busy and exhausted. But happy.

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