Goals for 2012

I have been reading Money Saving Mom's blog for quite a while now and she is such an inspiration. I've decided to take her lead on goal-setting and be more intentional about our goals this year. J-bird and I met and set our family goals for 2012.

Here they are if you want to help keep me honest. I plan on posting regular updates to let you know how much we've accomplished, or haven't.

Monthly budget/financial progress meetings with J-bird
Plan and realize another income stream
Invest set amount in J-bird's Roth IRA (by end of January)
Change auto deductions from J-bird's paycheck from his Roth IRA to mine
Medical savings = $4,000 max out of pocket - $1,000 flex spending account balance = $3,000
Emergency fund- hit set goal by May, it's 5 months of living at our current (with extras and savings) or 8 months of barebones living
Pay down balance on car loan
Fund kids' college savings-- $100 for each month of age for each kid by end of year

Emergency Preparedness Kit - assemble by March
Fence Repair - we decided to repair the hole in the fence for now (by June), and will replace the fence next year  
Trim Trees - we don't really want to spend money on it but it's a necessary part of homeownership (by March)
Paint Entry, Shoe Storage (February to April)

Potty train Goose
Build a new computer (J-bird)
Move Baby Boy to his own room - he's practically ready now
Scrapbook the kids' lives (really just use up what supplies I have so I have more space at my desk)
Work on improving blog

What are your goals for 2012? What do you hope to accomplish?

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