Being a Mother of Two

Of course, I had doubts and fears before Baby Boy was born. Normal. And I was a nervous wreck about my first day alone with both kids. But they're both still alive, and so am I.

I've been at it for almost 4 months now, and I have to say that it's much easier than I thought it would be. Both kids have been amazing. Goose is her normal wild self, but now newly potty trained and a great helper. Baby Boy is the best little baby. Only fusses when he's hungry or sleepy, and tolerates endless harassment love from his sister. And maybe the best part-- he sleeps 7 hours at a time at night! Having good sleep has made all of this possible. I can't imagine how much messier and more chaotic my house if I was also sleep deprived.


And you know what's the craziest part? I've grown two beautiful babies in my body. INSIDE. MY. BODY. And I'm old enough to have had these two kids. When did this happen?

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