September Love Drop - Melanie

This month's Love Drop recipient is Melanie, a mother of four who was struck by a car driven by a distracted driver while walking near her home outside of Boston. She luckily survived but is currently wheelchair-bound and cannot stand or put weight on her legs. The goal of this month's Love Drop is to make her home more easily accessible during her 10 month to 1 year recovery and rehab. This includes a new stove with front controls so she can cook from her wheelchair, and a front-loading washer and dryer.

Check out this video featuring Melanie and her family.

The actions of her teenage son, who was on the walk with her, played a critical role in saving Melanie's life.

How can you help?
You can donate money, gift cards or services, and you can share the mission of Love Drop and Melanie's story with others. All info can be found here. Love Drop also strongly encourages creative giving. If you can think of something that might help Melanie and her family during this difficult time of recovery and healing, tell the Love Drop team.

Spread the love.

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