I have no shame. I'm posting this so you guys can sign up under my link and I can get some referral credit. This is coming from the lady who harasses the Target cashiers about the $0.05 discount for using reusable bags.

If you haven't discovered Swagbucks yet, you should check it out. I've only been doing it for a few weeks now and I've already earned enough to get an Amazon gift card. And I don't even do it that often.

Here's what I do. I log on every night after Goose goes to bed or sometime during playtime, complete the daily poll and no obligation special offers (NOSO), and do a few random searches until I earn some bucks. That's it. If I used it as my regular search engine, I'd have earned a ton in Swagbucks by now. You can also "watch" videos-- you don't have to stay on that page-- and earn Swagbucks that way.

So go now, check it out, sign up, and then get your friends to sign up under your referral link. Everyone wins.

Search & Win

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