Personal Finance: Women & Retirement

Planning for retirement is tricky, especially in this crazy market.

We think we're saving enough but it's hard to plan for something that is so far away. Our plan is to sack away as much money as we can and pay attention to what is happening in our retirement accounts (except for now-- just don't look!). With just J-bird working outside the home,  right now we're saving a little over 15% for retirement, which includes his employer's contributions. We think this is pretty good, but plan on saving much more when I return to work... Scary thought too, but that's a whole other post.

If you're a woman, or even if you're a man who cares about a woman and her financial future, check out this video on women and retirement. Also, check out this website for some great info. Women, be involved in planning for your retirement. Know how you're investing, including how your husband is investing "his" retirement money. Chances are likely that your husband will die before you. It's your future, plan accordingly.


How are you planning for retirement? What percentage do you set aside each month? Do you take advantage of employer matching programs for your 401K/403B? What about IRAs?

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