Organization: Hoarding

If you haven't noticed, I have a strange fascination with hoarders. I think that's because I am one. 

It's disturbingly true. I'm an organized hoarder, if that's even possible. I fill our house to the gills with food and household supplies, all acquired through sales and other deals.

In preparing for J-bird's recent surgery (and in combination with the nesting instinct kicking in at this stage in the pregnancy), I ran around town and hoarded (more) food, diapers, and other household supplies. It has already been helpful during his recovery, and will help when Baby Boy arrives this fall. Yes, that much stuff.

Guess how many rolls of toilet paper I have in my house right now? 100. That's ballpark but there are at least 72 unopened rolls in the garage, and each cabinet under the sink (x 3 bathrooms) has several rolls.

Boxes of Kleenex? At least 20. 

I ran out of deodorant this week. Or rather, I finally used up one stick. I still have 4 sticks left, along with a handful of free samples.

Shampoo and conditioner? I've limited myself. I have room for one more bottle on my shelf in the hall closet. Once that space is full, no more. Unless it's free, and then I have to give it away. (There is a little method to my madness.)

J-bird and I got new toothbrushes this week. No, we "shopped" from our supply closet and got to pick which kind and color we wanted. 

I have a problem...

Or do I?

I was talking to J-bird about this very issue after a recent Target run (where we acquired the 72 rolls of toilet paper and another 120 diapers for Goose). I'm really conflicted about A) using what we have so that we don't have so much around, and B) keeping a small supply so that I almost always get to choose how much I will pay for an item. If I always have some shampoo and conditioner on hand, I can wait until I find a deal for $1 or even free. If I always have a few toothbrushes, I can choose to wait until I see a free deal to get a new one.

Am I justifying my kind and level of hoarding? Maybe, but at least I get to choose when I have to buy something and how much I spend, most of the time.  

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