Spring, or Hurdling Toward Summer

March is always a busy month in our house. A birthday, an anniversary. Some work travel for Mr. Making It Bright. Without fail. He just got back from two trips over the last two weeks, and I'm ready for things to settle. If they will before summer comes along.

We finally have warm temperatures. Windows open, playing in the yard, short-sleeve weather. Ahh. We've gotten over the final hump of winter. As the white-haired grandfather sitting next to me on the playground bench said yesterday, "We did it." Yes, we did.

(A recent photo from our trip to Shaker Village. I can't wait to go back.)

Blooms are on the trees. A garden is being planned (I got my seeds in the mail today!).

There's a feeling of calm and of chaos. A feeling of fresh and new, and of already feeling behind. A feeling of being excited about summer coming along, and of hurdling toward it at breakneck speed. Signing up for summer camps, making summer family plans.

Trying to take it one day at a time, while also planning ahead. And looking forward to the later mornings that summer will bring.

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