May You Find Peace

I had planned on writing a few different things for today's post, and then the news of Robin Williams' death hit my social media feeds, and everything I had intended to write seemed out of place.

It's funny how some celebrity deaths affect you more than others. I haven't felt this sad about a celebrity death in quite some time. (Maybe Princess Diana was the last one, and that was mostly because she was a princess and it occurred around my birthday when I was young enough to still be fascinated by princesses...)

He was charismatic, funny, and brilliant, and, from all accounts, a genuine guy with a real heart for people. But apparently he dealt with a lot of darkness. Too much. And he lost. My prayers are with his friends and family as they grieve such a tremendous loss.

My natural inclination is to darkness, to the worst of thoughts, to the saddest parts of any story. It's a conscious, daily decision for me to focus on the good things, to "make it bright". For myself and my family, I choose daily gratitude to find daily peace. It's something I consciously have to do every single day, a thousand times each day.

For those of you who may be dealing with the darkness right now, please ask for help. If you don't feel comfortable reaching out to someone you know, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK).

Mr. Williams, may you find the peace that evaded you in this life.

Beautiful artwork by James Hance 

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