Back to School!

I got a text this afternoon from my sister-in-law asking if my daughter started kindergarten today. Heck no! Even though she just turned 5 this summer and could have started today, we weren't ready. So she's doing a year of transitional kindergarten at the school where she did preschool last year. And I couldn't be more pleased. I saw all of those sweet Facebook posts this morning, pictures of excited kids taken by apprehensive, "where has the time gone" mothers. And my decision to not send her yet was reaffirmed. So we spent the morning running errands with her little brother and they both took naps this afternoon. Great first day of no school for us!

While we were at Target today, enjoying the 10 am mostly kid-free mommy/retiree crowd, we checked out the school supplies for the always needed watercolor paints and washable markers. I also saw some things from my "Mommy only" stash that I wanted to share with you. Some wants and some needs. I own them all and I must say that I thoroughly enjoy them.

(none of these links are affiliate links, I just really like the products and want to share them with you)

The stapler is pretty fabulous on my desk, when I can find it under the piles of papers and craft projects. The pink binder is the one I use for our budget binder. The Frixion pens were a gift from my quilting grandmother. You can erase the ink with (surprise!) friction or heat. I've been known to use my blowdryer and my IKEA desk lights to erase the ink from shirt projects for the kids, though I'm sure some more sophisticated people use irons... The Nate folders are fantastic, even if they're just holding school papers or bills to scan and shred. And I don't know where I would be without my labeler. Fancier than my old one, it has multiple fonts and sizes, and other label options I haven't even begun to explore. 


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