Surprise, it's not as bad as I thought it'd be.

The anticipation and dread surrounding this semester were worse, so far, than reality. So thankful. The babies have been great and the time with just their dad has been good for all three of them. Classes are going well (minus one silly group project) and we're surviving. Just this semester and my final project and I'll be finished with grad school. Debt free, to boot.

But now my mind turns to, "What next?" I'll have a master's degree and still be a housewife. A very well educated housewife. I'm fine with that, but what about my husband? We've discussed when I'll return to work and I still can't make a decision about when (no time soon) or what I even want to do. I know my place is at home with my babies and I am thankful every day that I am able to do that financially and otherwise. J is just concerned that I will get bored or I won't be happy. School fills a void for me, provides validation, that I don't get from staying at home in sweats with two crazy kids. So what then?

I plan on reading. I've got a growing Amazon wish list of books that I add to as I read about them in magazines. Reading for me, not because it's on a syllabus.

I plan on scrapbooking. Goose's baby book is still not complete, and Baby Boy's... well, it's woefully empty. Sorry, baby. The second kid really does get the shaft. Speaking of, we have to print some pictures to hang before his first birthday. Our home is still a gallery of his sister.

I plan on organizing. Our house is disastrous and I want to really go through every room and donate/sell a lot of items. Keep what we love and toss the rest.

I plan on sleeping. Going to bed before 1 am would be awesome. Sleeping for more than 6 hours each night (on a good night) would also be great.

I plan on teaching. There are a number of learning activities I want to do with both kids. I just need some time to put them together.

I plan on trying to figure out how the next season of my life will look.

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