Organization: Pantry

I am blessed to have a good pantry in my kitchen, but it's not always as organized as I would like.

My pantry before March's monthly grocery trip.

No changes for the blog post, no attempts to hide the cookies or other "bad" foods we have in there. I threw open the door and snapped the pictures. I know where everything is, but my husband does not. Or at least he pretends not to know... I'm not sure sometimes.

What do I have in there to organize items? I'm a big believer in trying to use what you have to organize. Here's what I have.

-A lazy susan for spices, finally sorted in alphabetical order with a list of what we have posted on the wall.
-A bin that we had for miscellaneous items-- bouillon cubes, sugar, random dry goods.
-A container from Target, originally purchased for Cheerios, now holds all of the random condiment packets that make their way home.

-A few other baskets and bins
-The ice bin from our old refrigerator to hold chips
-This amazing (and cheap) piece from IKEA (frame and 4 baskets) helps with organization and utilizes the space below the shelves.

The piece from IKEA is great but it could easily be upgraded to look a bit better and be better organized for others in our home.

I decided to make labels. They need to be strong-- Goose is a bit of a brute and I have no doubt that Baby Boy will follow her lead. I printed some labels for my baskets (Bags, Breakfast Bars, Sides, Pasta) and mounted them on coordinating scrapbook paper. Then I ran each label through my beloved laminator.

I used some of hubby's zip ties to fasten the labels to the wire baskets. Sturdy and so simple!

I punched two holes in each side of each label and fed the zip tie through the holes starting in the back and ending in the back, so the tie is concealed and looks nice.

I roughly centered the labels and fastened the zip ties, cutting off the excess tie. 


So my pantry looks better, but the rest of the kitchen looks like this... 

A random basket, a box, a bag of rolls... I think I see brownies... receipts, mail, toys... oh, and Baby Boy.

It's the little projects and successes that keep me sane.


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    1. Thanks! I love organization, though most of my house isn't that way. I'll enjoy the small victories. Thanks for reading!

  2. organization is the key to everything!

  3. Nice post. For a bit of light relief you might enjoy this cartoon about the food pyramid. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/04/food-pyramid.html