Thankful Thursdays

Today, I am thankful for:
1) Christmas decorations! I love the lights and the glitter and the festiveness of it all.

2) new undies! So sad, but I finally tossed almost all of my old undies, and bought all new and nicer underwear for myself. As cheap as I am most of the time, I really surprised myself with the new undies splurge--they didn't come five to a pack.

3) A sleeping baby and a clean house. Goose is visiting her great-grandparents for a few days so it's just me and Baby Boy. He's going through a mega growth spurt and is sleeping most of the time again. My house is almost sparkly (give me a few more hours) but too quiet. Eerily quiet. I'd trade this quiet and clean for the sticky mess that comes with my giggly Goose anytime. I love the sounds of children playing, the sounds of living in a house. The sounds of joy.

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