Thankful Thursdays

Today, I am thankful for:

1) my family.
My grandparents came and stayed with me and Goose while J-bird traveled for work this week and I definitely appreciated the help. Being this hugely pregnant is hard even when I don't have to care for a demanding (and heavy!) toddler. They kept her entertained and kept us both company while he was away for a brief time.

2) my family.
Yes, I'm blessed. Last weekend while J-bird was grilling on the patio outback and Goose was watching him out the window and snacking on a tortilla, I stood in the kitchen getting things ready for dinner, watching my family, feeling my Baby Boy move around, and listening to good music fill the kitchen.

It was one of those almost out-of-body perfect moments. I was overwhelmed by joy, peace, and the desire to just stop time for a bit and enjoy it all. To soak it all up and try to remember it forever. To enjoy the life we've built together, full of love and laughs. This life, not without its difficulties, is one we had never imagined for ourselves until we woke up one morning and realized we had it.

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