Pregnancy Brain

Pregnancy Brain, or PB, is in full force at our house. I find myself standing in front of an open refrigerator, asking, "Now what was I doing...?"

It's really terrible this time. I don't think I ever fully recovered brain function after the pregnancy with Goose and it's even worse this time with Baby Boy. Maybe it's because I've been pregnant, nursing, recovering from a miscarriage, or pregnant again for nearly 3 years now.  In a row.

I think of a million things but can't focus on one thing at a time. Most of my resources are going to growing a giant, beautiful, healthy Baby Boy.

PB is seemingly harmless but annoying. I forget what I'm doing, finding tasks half finished throughout the day. For example, I'll do some laundry. While I'm hanging up laundry to dry on my drying racks, I'll see something on my desk that will remind me of something else. Within minutes, I'm standing in the dining room, putting away napkins, or cleaning off the table. 30 minutes or even sometimes hours later I'll find wet clothes on top of the washer or in the dryer. Wasn't I supposed to hang these up? Start the dryer? Oops. Pregnancy Brain strikes again. It's even worse when I wash J-bird's work clothes on Sunday night and forget to dry them for Monday. Or forget to wash them at all.

What day is it again?

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