Thankful Thursdays

Today, I am thankful for:

1) my husband. J-bird is currently in the hospital recovering from a major surgery for his Crohn's Disease, a resection of his small intestine. Instead of the desired (and much hoped for) strictureplasty, they had to do a resection and remove 25 cm of his small bowel. He's doing so well. It's nothing compared to his surgery two years ago. He's my best friend and my partner in all of this. I need him and the guts he has left.

2) our loving friends and family. Having major surgery and dealing with the hospital is bad enough but without a strong and loving support system, it would be impossible. We are both so thankful for everyone who has emailed, called, posted to facebook, come to the hospital, cooked food, cared for Goose. We are loved.

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