It's relatively early in this pregnancy for full-scale nesting, but I'm already there. I'm afraid it will break the bank, or kill J-bird, or both. I feel like there are a million things to do before Baby Boy gets here and I remember how miserable I was the last few weeks before Goose was born. I'm on a fixed schedule here.

If I wrote out the entire list of things I want to do, it would make my head spin. Right now I'm focusing on getting Goose fully moved into her big girl room (pictures soon!). We have to clean out the closet because it's full of our stuff. This is a priority because I'm starting to get clothes for Baby Boy and have nowhere to put them as her clothes are still in the nursery closet. Next is making the nursery suitable for a Baby Boy. With Goose, we did everything neutral (green walls, neutral bedding and curtains) with pink accents so we could adjust in the future. I've purchased blue canvas bins for this, and a green changing table cover (20% off coupon at Babies R Us). Now I'm on the hunt for some reasonable bins for under the changing table.

I'm also in a panic about getting everything ready for Baby Boy because I know how hard it is to get things accomplished with a newborn, and I can't imagine what it will be like in the first few weeks with Goose and a newborn. It will be amazing and wonderful, but also exhausting and terrifyingly difficult at times. Pray for us.

If that's not enough anxiety, I am having difficulty separating J-bird's health crisis and the Goose's birth since they feel like the same event to me, happening only 3 weeks apart. So I find myself making a giant list of stuff for J-bird to do before Baby Boy is born in case he's not able to help as much due to his health. There's no reason for me to think he won't be well and able to help, just my own mind associating birth with J-bird's near-death.

If all of this isn't mental enough, I've hidden the crib skirt from myself and cannot find it anywhere. We would have taken it off the crib when we lowered the mattress to the lowest position-- when Goose started standing in her bed-- well over a year ago. The missing crib skirt is making me nuts. Where could I have put it?

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