Organization: Toy Storage

Imagine it piled in a giant basket in the corner instead of in front of the chair. The basket was a good short-term solution but as Goose got bigger and pulled out her own toys, she needed something that was easier to access.

I am in love. Now all the bins need are some Goose-friendly labels. I think this is a solution that will grow with Goose. We can add more shelves in the tracks for books, and trade out the larger bins for small ones for art and craft storage as she gets older.

1st column: 1) shelf for her dogs, 2) bin for balls, 3) big bin for her purse, backpack that holds doll clothes and accessories, and doctor kit
2nd column: 1) big bin for stuffed animals, 2) big bin for cars and other hard plastic toys
3rd column: 1) bin for Duplo blocks, 2) bin for small toys-- figurines, small cars, wooden clothes pins (the really random little stuff that always made it to the bottom of the old toy basket)

If you think a similar solution will work for your home, check out the Trofast toy storage series from IKEA.

IKEA isn't paying me for this post, though I wouldn't mind if they did.

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