Big Girl Room

We (mostly me, but J-bird has to sign on at some point) are planning for Goose's big girl room. We're shuffling what seems to be our entire house. It's really a mess. The hobby room is becoming a guest room and area for desks (or rather one giant desk) for me and J-bird. Goose is moving to the bigger room. We're buying another bed for guests, and getting rid of the one we have.

We don't have to buy much. We're using the twin bed that we currently have for Goose's new room. We're also using J-bird's childhood dresser, and a small white bookshelf that we're moving from another room for toy and book storage.

The inspiration for her room is The Rose Garden by Paul Klee. I've always loved this painting.

Image from Art in the Picture


Right now the room is Valspar's Cup of Cocoa. We love the color, but not for a Goosie's big girl room.
(image from Valspar)

The new color will be a nice cream, not too warm.

Maybe this one, maybe not. ?
(image from Valspar)

Glasort Trad from IKEA-- fun!
(image from IKEA)


Sarita curtains-- Light and airy, a punch of color. We'll layer them over the existing white blinds.
(image from IKEA)

Other Decor:
 Rug for middle of room or play area
(image from IKEA)
Flower wall lamp-- so fun! 
(image from IKEA)

Leaf canopy for bed-- maybe?
Reminds me of one of her favorite movies, A Bug's Life
(image from IKEA)

So now all we need is a little money, a trip to IKEA and Lowe's, and some free time.

Hopefully I'll post photos of the final product some time this year.

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  1. that looks wonderful! shiloh's room was all sage and cream until she was able to voice her own opinion -- and chose pepto bismol pink! i'm sort of used to it now, though, and she still loves it, so i guess that's a bonus. (i REALLY like the leaf canopy!)