Art with Kids: Frida & Diego

My little lady loves art. And I love art history. So when she expresses interest in learning about artists and reading art books, I'm on it. I recently decided to introduce her to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Me, Frida by Amy Novesky features beautifully illustrated pictures in the style of Frida Kahlo.

Jonah Winter's Frida includes imagery found in Frida Kahlo's art work.

Duncan Tonatiuh's style mimics that of Rivera's famous murals. 

These are great children's books about two wonderful artists. To show my little lady some of the actual art works, I let her look at some of my Taschen art books.

And here is a great online resource to view some of Frida Kahlo's works, and this of Diego Rivera's art from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. 

We haven't been able to do any special projects based on the art of these artists (thanks, school!). But I have some fun ideas for exploring the art of Frida and Diego with kids: 
- paint like Frida did on her own body cast after one of her many surgeries. Put a piece of cardboard or even a canvas on your child's torso and have him/her try to paint on it while lying on his/her back. Do this outside on a nice day! (I can only imagine the mess…) 
-make a self portrait a la Frida with lots of personal symbols 
-make a flower headband like Frida 
-tape paper to the wall and let the kids go to town making a mural like Diego. Put it in a room where you don't mind it being up for a while so they can come back and work on it over a few days/weeks (not years, like Diego). 

Here is my pin board with some more Diego and Frida art resources/activities. 

Have fun with it! 

I'm so enjoying this age where we can explore some of our interests with our kids. 

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