DIY: Mending Holes in Knees

Our little lady has a problem with scooting around on her knees. Yes, she's 5 but that kid loves to walk around on her knees, crawl around during play, slide into an imaginary home plate for unknown reasons. So her pants all get holes in the knees.

She loves two particular pairs of pajama pants and didn't want to get rid of them when she got holes in the knees, so she asked me to fix them. You know, with my mama magic... My plan was to cut them off into bermuda length shorts. She didn't care for that idea one bit. So I took it as a personal challenge to figure out how to repair them myself, with minimal frustration.

I found this tutorial for reverse appliqué and I am amazed with the results. The first pair of pants I used a flower clip art shape that I found online and printed it large enough to cover the hole. The second pair (not photographed) is a pair of polka dot pants so I did a simple circle in a rose fabric scrap that I had. #makeitwork (One thing I miss about being cable-free-- Project Runway.)

This kid. How is it always her right knee?

Yep, that flower will cover the spot.

So I traced it using my handy Pilot FriXion pen-- which faded away when I ironed on the fabric backed with fusible interfacing.

See the tutorial linked above. And pin the heck out of it. Amazingly handy.

2 hours later. Seriously. This took a ridiculous amount of time. The circle was much faster-- not as many curves and I had the hang of back stitch by then. I do enjoy hand work though.

I've washed them a few times and it's held up well. Most importantly, she still has her comfy pajama pants and we fixed something instead of just throwing it away.

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