Book It!

Anyone remember the Pizza Hut Book It program of the 80s and 90s? That solidified my love of reading breadsticks and personal pan pizzas.

Our kids (ages 5 and almost 3) love to read and we try to make time every night to read before bed. When our little lady was younger (and an only child), she got more daytime reading too. I'd like to get them to listen to me read aloud, eventually. They will listen to short audiobooks in the car. 

We love these two for the car. 

And these are some of my lady's current favorites.

And our little man (almost 3) picked these out from the library a few weeks ago and is pretty certain that we bought them when we checked them out. Same scanning and beeping as a store so I can see where it could be confusing. Guess I'll be renewing those for a while...

He picked these on his own from a low bin at the library. He's a market researcher's dream. Every one of those books is something he has seen on Netflix or in the toy aisle. Good or bad, kids are just little sponges. At least these books get him interested in reading.

At bedtime, we usually do one book of his choice and one book of her choice. Since they share a room, they get to hear both stories. Some nights we'll do just one-- mommy's pick. And some nights it'll just be lights out and songs, depending on how the evening went and how late it is.

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What are some of your kids' favorite books/series? How often do you read to them? Do you buy books or primarily use the library?

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  1. Kandace, DO NOT MISS the Mo Willems books! Knuffle Bunny, series of three, kids LOVE them, also, his Pigeon books, Fantastic and fairly new Elephant and Piggie, a lot about friendship! So cute, few words, great first readers! Nonna