Gift Ideas for Kids

Here is a list of some of the kids' favorite Christmas presents from this year. Goose is 3 years od and Baby Boy is 1 year old so Christmas was wild this year. Lots of toys (read: way more than we need or have room for in our house) and lots of fun.

Goose's top 3:

LeapFrog Tag Reader -- she's our little insomniac and can use this to "read" to herself in bed after our father and I have already had our turns and read 1-3 books each. She loves feeling like a big girl. 

Brave! -- we've only watched this movie 8,000 times since Christmas. The kid is OBSESSED.

Disney Cinderella Castle Play Set -- And to think we didn't want to do the whole "princess thing"with Goose... How silly we were.

Baby Boy's top 3:

Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks 10 piece set -- At first I thought he may be a bit too old for them since he's used to playing with all of his sister's "big kid" toys, but these are perfect for our little dude. Tough and sturdy, but easy to stack and interesting. He loves to hold them up and look through the different colors. Funny little guy.

Pirate Ship Playhouse -- A favorite for both kids. They love to climb in, fill it with toys, and go in and out of the door. They've colored and stickered the sides and it has held up quite well so far. I could get their "auntie" for getting it for them (it's huge!) but they absolutely love it.

Little People Wheelies Loops 'n Swoops Amusement Park -- Again, a great toy for both kids. We finally got it put together this weekend and the kids loaded up their little Fisher-Price cars and watched them go. So much fun.

What were your kids' favorite gifts this year? What are some of your go-to gifts to give to kids?

Some of the products mentioned above contain affiliate links. I wouldn't spend the time to write the post if I didn't think the toys were worth sharing with you. If you happen to use the link to buy one, great, thanks! But just know that I'm sharing with you because I like the products, not to get a few pennies from sales of the products. 

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