October 15th

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Not a day that anyone wants to know about. If you've experienced a loss in any way, I'm sorry you had to go through it. It's not fair. As I enter the last few days of this pregnancy, I can't help but think about the pregnancy before, the one that didn't work out. If things had gone as we had planned, we'd have Goose and a nearly 4 month old. They'd be almost exactly 24 months apart.

But it didn't, and we don't. We have to be thankful for what we do have-- a healthy and hopefully happy baby growing inside of me. And we have to know that all of these things worked out this way for a reason.

I know that this is how it was supposed to be.

I'm ready to meet my healthy Baby Boy. Pray for us as we prepare to welcome him into this world, for my body to heal and recover quickly as I'm having another c-section, for his good health and happiness, for his father's continued good health, for his big sister Goose to take to the transition well. And for our cats who will undoubtedly hate us even more for bringing another kid into our home.

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