Mom Sets the Tone

I finally finished A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life by Bethenny Frankel with Eve Adamson. It took entirely too long, not because it's a difficult read (far from it) but because I got busy with life. The bulk of the book was not for me-- written in a style that I do not enjoy and with life lessons I've already learned. However, there was one major takeaway that really made me think. The mother sets the tone for the house and family.

It's true. If the mom is stressed all the time, running around like crazy, and snapping at everyone, it will show in every member of the family and in the home. Goose had a meltdown this morning over something trivial and I remarked to J-bird that she does that way too often over tiny things. He replied, "I wonder where she gets it..." I do it too. If the printer isn't working properly, I'm quick to blame him, like he's trying to sabotage me for some reason. It's crazy but it's just what happens.

If I'm responsible for setting the tone for my family, I need to be more mindful of my actions and reactions, of my emotions and attitudes. My behavior determines how the rest of my family functions and how my home runs. Being the mom is a lot of pressure, but it's a great role.

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