Personal Finance: Contradiction

I am a walking contradiction, and you know what, I'm okay with it.

At times, I'm frugal to a fault fighting with myself over spending $20 on a new bath mat. Other times, I'm perfectly fine with buying a new car (wait, we've bought 2 new cars-- Dave Ramsey would die!) and don't think a thing about dropping over $2K on new appliances for the kitchen. Wait, what? That makes no sense. Clipping coupons and rummaging through the clearance bin at Kroger, Target, wherever and then buying brand new cars...

Somehow, it makes sense to me. I sleep fine at night and we are reaching our financial goals. We've already paid off one car 2 years early and are well on our way to paying off the other in under 3 years. We needed the appliances as all were at the end of their expected life and the range had actually gone on to appliance heaven. So I contradict myself financially but it makes sense for us and our life.


It's time to come clean. What do you do financially that seems to violate some of your other financial principles?


  1. There are some things I consider "worth going into debt for." For instance, we're working hard to pay off our credit card before we have another baby, but at the same time, we are taking a vacation to California to visit friends this fall. That, however, may be our last chance to see them before they leave the U.S. as early as next year for the rest of their lives. So we figured time spent with dear friends who we may never see again is worth some discounted airfare and free lodging (staying with them) while we wait to purchase other things until we have more money saved for it (a new couch and new kitchen countertops, for instance)

  2. I think it's all about the trade-off. What is it worth to you?

    Our car loan is at such a low interest rate and the term so short that it will cost us less than $1,000 to finance. Also, we're paying off our appliances before the "6 months no interest" promotion expires. So it's been relatively cheap debt for us.

    You're right, you just have to decide if it's worth it for you.