We're preparing for our staycation and I'm having mixed emotions. Why? Goose is going to stay with her grandmother for the duration (Friday until Wednesday) while J-bird and I stay home. It will be awesome for me and J-bird to spend time together, get projects finished, and just rest. It will also be a great time for Goose to hang out with her grandmother.

But it will be the longest I've been away from her. Since she's existed. 5 times longer than any other time. I've only even been away from her for 1 night at a time and we're talking about 5 whole nights. FIVE nights. The pregnancy hormones/emotions are definitely not helping. I'm not a crier, far from it, and I've burst into tears three times in the past 18 hours thinking about how much I'm going to miss her. I'll make it. :)

I hope to get some projects finished while she's away. Scrapbooking, sewing, organizing, purging, cleaning. I'm looking at it as my last good chance to get caught up and get the house the way I want it before Baby Boy arrives. And as a rare opportunity for me and J-bird to spend quality time as a couple, watch movies, eat at restaurants without a kid's menu, sleep in. We won't even know what to do with ourselves.

Staycation, here we come!

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