Quiet lately. Here's why.

I've been quiet lately regarding my personal life. Why? Because we're having another baby!!!

photo courtesy of Breibeest
After our previous loss, I wanted to wait until what I considered a safe zone before I told anyone outside of closest friends and family about our little miracle. I feel safe(r) now and decided that I'm ready to tell the world. We're having a baby BOY this fall! A boy!

I'm over halfway to baby and I'm just now feeling pregnant. I'm just now letting myself be pregnant. I'm just now believing that we're adding another person to our family. Even though I've been showing for weeks now (I tend to show early), I've been hiding out so I don't have to say, "Yes, I'm pregnant, due this fall." I didn't want to jinx it. I still don't.

I'm still nervous, and it's sad that I can't enjoy this pregnancy with the naivete that I had when I was pregnant with Goose. Even though he looks healthy from the scan and I feel him move all day (and night), I still hesitate to buy baby boy clothes or really work on converting the nursery to a boy room for fear that something will happen and we won't be bringing home a healthy baby after all.

I could worry myself sick day and night thinking of all the things that could happen to our baby boy, or to me. I have to choose not to do that, not to go there. I have to have a little faith that we won't be given more than we can handle. I have to believe that we'll experience another healthy and happy miracle this fall, and our family will grow to four strong.

I'm having a baby. It's a boy.


  1. Congratulations! I guessed it just from seeing the title! :) I will pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery!

  2. I'm so happy for you all! I imagine J is over the moon too, and Goose will be a great big sister and show her little brother all the ropes. I have a house-full of out-grown baby boy things, that you are welcome to! Just let me know and I'll haul them up, send them up, or whatever!

    Hopefully we'll have some similar good news in a couple of months. A loss does take away the exciting optimism of it, at least for the early days.

    Praying for a healthy pregnancy for you and healthy baby boy!