Our Shriners Journey- Part 4

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Freedom! (partial at first)
After the initial 6 weeks of full-time harness wearing, she only had to wear it for 12 hours at night for 6 more weeks. GLORY! It was like we had a little baby for the first time.

Since she was a summer baby and it was hot as blue blazes, she didn't wear socks for those five harness-free days after she was born. Here is our little lady in her first pair of socks, when she was 6 weeks old.
As the weeks ticked by, it got more difficult to keep her warm enough at night, but we managed. I remember tucking a blanket around the bottom of her harness so she could stay warmer. Of course it didn’t stay. That little wiggle worm has always been a wild sleeper, and one night she somehow managed to rotate in her bed 90 degrees. In her harness. On her back.
On the cool nights, I started putting a long sleeve t-shirt over her onesie and harness. I remember putting socks on her hands on particularly cold nights. As a parent, you do what works for your baby in that particular situation. 

After the second 6 weeks in the harness, we were finished. We went to our last harness appointment and left it on the table at Shriners. I didn’t want to see another harness again. It felt great.

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  1. Marshall has clubfoot and he had casts and now braces. There is nothing like being able to hold a squishy baby - especially your own! We also love Shriner's and wish we had found it earlier. I really like hearing your story!

  2. Our pediatrician referred us to Shriner's out of the gate. We've had really good care there. I'm glad you guys had the same experience.
    I went through a mourning period after Goose's diagnosis-- not being able to do skin to skin almost did me in. But looking back, those 6 weeks flew by.