Kid-Friendly IKEA

We recently went to IKEA to get some things for projects around our house. Stay tuned for before and after photos of our projects.

I love IKEA. Great prices, fun designs, and extraordinarily kid-friendly. In addition to a free childcare area, they also have shopping carts that will accommodate little ones, and the restaurant and restrooms have numerous kid-friendly features.

Eating in the restaurant is part of every IKEA visit for our family. Swedish meatballs, Lingonberry juice. Delicious. This time, though we didn't take Goosie, I noticed all of the kid-friendly extras in the restaurant area. Of course, they have plenty of the IKEA antilop highchairs and booster seats, but there is also a station with a microwave, bottle warmer, plastic cutlery, and plastic-backed disposable bibs.

J-bird had the meatball meal, and I had a chicken wrap. We passed on the open face egg & shrimp sandwich.

In addition to the kid-friendly restaurant, the restrooms are made to accommodate kids. There are family restrooms with short toilets and sinks, a changing table, and a nice chair for nursing. They also have FREE diapers. Love it! The regular restrooms also have short toilets for children and a short sink for easy handwashing.

Ideally, we would leave Goose with a grandparent or other babysitter so we could shop without also having to entertain/pick up cheerios/stop for diaper changes, but we have taken her several times.

IKEA didn't pay me for this post, though I wouldn't mind if they did.

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