Helpful Product- White Ceramic Compost Pail

J-bird and I have been composting for several months now. We really enjoy it as we're hoping we'll eventually have some good, nutrient-rich compost for use in our yard. We still need to work on our mix as we don't have enough brown materials in there yet. That requires time to work in the yard and throw some good yard waste in there, which requires a grandparent or friend to babysit Goose, or a tranquilizer dart suitable for a 24 lb toddler.

Our city offered free compost bins that had been recycled from old toters, and we were able to get one. It's out in the backyard next to the shed, in a nice shady spot. We had been saving compostable kitchen scraps in a plastic container but it got funky fast. Smelly, moldy. Yuck!

For Christmas, we asked for and received this little fantastic-ness.

It looks nice on the kitchen counter, is a great size for our family, and never smells thanks to the charcoal filter in the lid. There are holes in the top, but the charcoal filter fits in the lid and it really never smells. Depending on how much produce and other scraps we have, we empty it every other week or so.

We also got some biodegradable compost bags for it, but frequently reuse the bags too.

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  1. We've been price comparing those among a few places around town for a few months now but don't want to start until we have or just-before-we-have a compost pile out in the yard to dump it into. Glad to hear it works well from a friend...more trustworthy :)

  2. I found the same compost pail with the charcoal filters at World Market for 14.99. In green and white. They also had a stainless steel, but it was a different brand and i didn't like the lid. The charcoal filters are 1.99 for two of them and they say they should last about 6 months each.